A new born baby is like the beginning of all things- wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities which needs to be loved and never outgrow it. Here, at LULU Home Care Nursing, we provide you with a loving and supportive maternity nurse who will provide you with routine guidance, catering both to your and your baby’s needs. This will include a good baby sleep routine, guidance on feeding, washing, dressing and bonding, and organizing a nursery. Our services is aimed to relieve you from stress, giving you adequate time to recuperate but never miss out on those once in a life time baby moments.Post-surgical care is critical, and includes everything from pain management & feeding to respiratory management & fluid management. Get well sooner under the care of our nurses, who will help you with all of this in the comfort of your home.

We provide professional, compassionate and personalized services to assist seniors and their families. We also help them make important care-related decisions so that they can realize a quality lifestyle while maintaining their dignity and independence as long as possible.

Patients living with complex illnesses require extra help, from medication adherence to finding stable housing; however, the majority of chronic care takes place in a primary care setting, preventing clinicians from fully addressing the spectrum of health .


Did you know that the healing process varies depending on the wound type? Our nurses are experienced in handling post-operation surgical wounds, infected wounds and pressure sores.


Oxygen administration is required in both acute and chronic conditions like trauma, hemorrhage, shock, breathlessness, pulmonary disease, and more. Don't panic if you require one. Call a Portea nurse home.


Our nurses can help you with Urine catheterization care at home; be it catheter insertion, catheter removal or bladder wash.


Save yourself the trouble of regular hospital visits when it comes to frequent injections and IV infusions. Simply call us; and have an experienced nurse administer them at home.